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As one of the most famous cafe in Sandakan, we live up to that reputation with some of the best pasta, salad, soup, grill, steaks, pizzas, rice and sandwiches.


We serve varieties of juices, flower tea, hot tea, yogurt fresh juice, milk teas, bubble teas, iced fruit teas and soda drinks too. View our menu to find out.


You’ll love our versions of soft serve, cakes, shaved ice, waffles, sweet soup and many more that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Need some caffeine for your daily intake? We brew your coffee fresh and there’s a lot of flavors to choose from. We serve finest matcha and chocolate drinks too.


MON    11:30 – 23:00

TUE    11:30 – 23:00


THU    11:30 – 23:00

FRI    11:30 – 00:00

SAT    11:30 – 00:00

SUN    11:30 – 23:00


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Come and have a taste of our delicious western dishes that will keep you tummy full and happy. Best dishes should be shared with and be spreaded to your families and friends.

If you are looking for western food in Sandakan, then our restaurant Crowd 99 Cafe is a place to go to, to have a combination of eating experiences that worth your money!

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